10 Reasons Too Get Your Home Inspected

10 - Improper Materials For Climate

There is a big difference between materials intended for dry summer heat in Southern California and materials that can stand up to 6 months of cold, wet, and sometimes frozen in BC’s lower mainland. Your home inspector can tell you about risks of materials and installation methods on your home.

Roll Roofing end of life

9 - Age of Equipment and Materials

Life cycles of house equipment range from 8 years to 100 years however around 20 years, all sorts of equipment starts to reach the end of its expected service life. Your home inspector can tell you what equipment or materials may need to be budgeted for replacement soon.

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8 - Amateur Renovations

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.” - Fred Adair. Amateur renovations can cost big bucks to ‘fix’ and in some cases you may be putting your family’s safety at risk. Your home inspector will help you know if your home is safe and solid.

Broken roof tiles on a new home walk through. Nothing like water damage in a new home.

7 - Builder Errors

Builders are people and they can make mistakes too. Worse yet, builders hire and trust sub-trades who often don’t even have qualified or experienced people on the job. Missing insulation, improper installation of materials, and broken materials are not uncommon to discover in a home inspection in brand new homes and can even lay dormant for years after.

Leak under sink in brand new construction. Builder quality is not #1.

6 - Leaking Water Pipes

In new homes, drain lines not connected properly or incorrectly installed whirlpool tubs can cause a surprising disaster on move in. In used homes, normal wear and tear, recent renovations, or long unused equipment can often leak when tested. Your home inspector will check all your pipes for signs of leaks and help prevent expensive surprises.

Realtor Clients in Background.8774509 std

5 - Because Your Realtor Advised You Too

A good realtor has ’seen it all’ when it comes to homes and knows that just because it looks good does not mean it is well put together. When your realtor says you need to get a home inspection they are not trying to spend your money, they are trying to protect you from unexpected costs.

More adventures for my 'wood probing tool', this time clear through a garage door.

4 - Poor Maintenance

A $6 tube of caulking at the right time can save thousands of dollars at the wrong time. Basic paint and maintenance is part of home ownership but too many home owners have no idea how to do maintenance and by the time a home inspector arrives there are expensive damages that could have been prevented. Your home inspector will help you know if your new home was properly cared for.

Leaning House

3 - Lipstick on a Pig

There are 3 types of home renovators, professionals, amateurs, and con-artists. Professionals and amateurs generally are trying to get it right (with mixed results) but the con-artist is all about making money quick. Don’t be fooled by granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances in that renovation if the roof and the furnace are about to fail. Your home inspectors experience will tell you if you have quality work or not.

Missing handrail and guardrails here. What you also can't see if there is only 5' of clearance for your head.

2 - For the Safety of Your Family

Your dream home could be a death trap. Emergency exits, carbon monoxide, missing smoke/fire alarms, missing handrails, electrical fires, and so much more could be wrong with your new house and could cause your family harm now or in the future. Your home inspector is trained to look for and report on life safety concerns.


1 - You Can’t Afford Not To

With average house prices approaching $1,000,000, a $500 house inspection is 0.05% of the purchase price and well less than a typical single mortgage payment. This is a small fee compared to the costs of home ownership and purchasing but could save you thousands of dollars in unexpected costs and perhaps even save your life. 

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